“Tros” is the name given to the small terroir that one farmer is capable of working in a day. Trossos is a collection of old vines, small plots from the historic area of the Montsant appellation, always identifiable by their origin and by their diverse soils: sandy, calcareous or red clays. The Trossos monovarietal relationship brings together this great wealth, accentuated by a respectful work that gives the wines a classic approach starting from the tradition, obtaining vintages of great potential and complexity. Wines to be kept, highly representative of the origin’s value and the lineage of each variety.

Saleres / Notaria. 2 unique white Grenache vineyards, both with the precise quality to become wines for ageing, whose first vintage (2007) was only bottled in magnum. Slow progression and great complexity, they grant a great relevance to this white variety. Saleres, with white soils, brings a delicate version rich in nuances. Notaria, with its river songs, brings a concentrated and long-living version.

Notaria, 100% Grenache of a unique and unrepeatable clone. Biodynamic viticulture that allows – each year to a greater extent – full, balanced ripening. Apparent femininity, extreme elegance that is transformed into a highly intense aftertaste. A combination of citrus, spice and subtle bitterness. Infinite field of profiled tannins. Different from all.

SANTS synthesizes the most classic and austere expression of white Grenache. Pureness of the variety without any accompaniment. It shows the will to slender its generous mouth weight, starting from the same delicate viticulture work and the minimum expression of the use of lees. Fruitfulness with saline notes. Hypergastronomic.

VELLS, old Carignans of the Masroig, grown in red clay soils. Fast ripening process that shows a pleasurable and authentic view of the variety. Vibrant tannins with an absence of reduction. Aromas of violets, modeled over clays of very close earthiness. A classic that until the present time had not existed as such.